Princess In Training Party- Disney Kids Preschool Playdate #DisneyKids

I received free product to help host my Disney Kids Preschool Playdate, but all opinions are always my own.


I was selected to host a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate and instantly knew it had to be a princess in training party.  My 4 year old loves anything that is Sofia the First.

disney kids preschool playdate

We invited a few friends over to join us. We kicked off the playdate with a fun game of Disney Parks Bingo.  Every princess needs to know their Disney knowledge right?  This was a great warm up game because the moms and kids got to play together.  


Once everyone was giggling and in the mood we moved on to the first step of Princess Training- balancing a book on your head while walking.  Again, this was super fun for both the moms and little girls.  Surprising the little girls were actually better at it.  After we worked up an appetite the little princesses in training enjoyed a royal tea party.



 They dined on yogurt topped with pink sprinkles, Chrunchmaster Grammy Crips and Disney fruit snacks.


While the moms enjoyed their snacks, I had set up a Kinetic Sand station.  The little girls had a ball and the sand isn’t sticky or messy so they didn’t even get their clothes dirty.

kinetic sand

Lastly the little girls enjoyed decorating their princess cookies.  Every princess needs lots of frosting and sprinkles in their life.


We had a fun playdate and the little girls loved having a theme.  It was easy on my end and the moms had a good time too.

You can find great ideas for themes, games and even recipes at the Disney Side Celebrations website here.  

What is a theme you have done for a playdate before?

Thank you again to Disney for providing me product to help host my Disney Kids Preschool Playdate.  Again, all opinions are always my own.