11002599_784135628349420_4104800601317379738_nSometimes all the stars aline and you have an absolutely PERFECT run.  It isn’t necessarily the fastest, but you feel like you could run for days.  I had one of those this morning.  The weather was 54 degrees with the sun out and a light breeze.  My body felt great.  My music was spot on and I just kept going.  It was one of those runs where I’m 99% sure I was singing out loud at times and to be honest I don’t really care because it was that awesome. I set out to run just 3 miles and actually ended up doubling it.

10991414_784176468345336_8567592012841255436_nBefore I fell in love with running…I totally hated running.  Weird, I know.  BUT I totally get how what I am saying sounds odd to some people.  For those of you that aren’t runners I can explain this “perfect run” feeling in other ways.  Remember how before we had kids and we didn’t have that many cares in the world, when the weather was perfect you would put the windows down in your car, feel the breeze in your hair, have your perfect mix CD on at a loud decibel and it was like you could feel it in your soul?  THAT is how the perfect run feels.  Another example: When you are sitting outside and there is a little bit of sun on your face, you take those first 2 sips of wine that gives you that amazing tingling feeling in your head, you have your best friends around you with your favorite song playing, and again…you just feel it in your soul?  THAT again is the same type of feeling as a “perfect run”.  

10996240_784152925014357_5368808454515281044_nCheers to feeling “it” in our souls, whatever “it” may be for each of us.


  1. beautea97 | 18th Feb 15

    Beautiful post Mama~ I think that ‘the perfect run’ happens so seldom in order for us to truly appreciate how special they are…

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