Patiently waiting for Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco random draw

Those of us that entered the random draw for the Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon in San Francisco are patiently waiting.  Nike WMSF has said they will send out results June 28th.  Fingers crossed!

Anyone know any good running party games while we are waiting?  haha


  1. Tara | 17th Jun 13

    I’m in random draw with members of my running club. I’m excited for it…but I have also ran the half the past two years, so I’m more understanding if this turns out to not be my year and another person can get in instead. Funny, though, Nike initially said the results would be announced THIS week only to suddenly change it to the week of June 28.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 17th Jun 13

      Good luck with the random draw with your running club. I feel like the 28th is a long ways away from when random draw closed and it’s kind of a late start for a race in October. I’m patiently waiting for results though! 🙂

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