How To Pair Tacos and Wine

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and wine are two of my favorite things, but have you ever thought about how to PAIR tacos and wine?  Problem solved!  Here is your guide on what wine to drink with what tacos.

Fish Tacos– Fish pairs best with white wine.  For fish tacos try pairing with a sauvignon blanc.  A dry, but fruity white wine is always a great choice for fish.  If you are a sparkling wine fan that would be a great option too. 

Chicken Tacos– Chicken tacos are so versatile.  If the chicken is stewed in a red sauce, try a merlot.  If the chicken is heavy with lime, enjoy with a riesling.  A good bet for any chicken taco is a rosé

Carnitas Tacos– The pork flavors would best pair with a pinot noir.  During the summer a cold glass of rosé pairs well with pork as well.

Beef Tacos– Beef tacos are also very versatile in style.  A syrah pairs well with a nice hearty stewed beef taco with heavy sauce, while nice light red table wine or even a pinot blanc would be delicious with a beef taco that has less sauce.

Don’t forget about sangria!  A nice white sangria with a little peach vodka and fresh mango and berries mixed in would be delicious with fish or chicken tacos.  Try making a red sangria with a little orange liqueur and citrus fruit to pair with carnitas and beef.  

There are lots of wine options, but because tacos are typically high in flavor don’t break out your super expensive bottles.  Save those for your filet mignon.  Grocery Outlet is the perfect place to grab some wine at great prices.  This week only they have a 20% off sale on wine.  You can even click here for a $3 off coupon (with their prices that is a BOTTLE!).  I also got everything I needed to cook fantastic tacos while I was at Grocery Outlet stocking up on wine. Cheers!

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  1. Theresa | 1st Apr 18

    I never think about pairing wine with tacos but, I am now! I’m all about tacos.

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