Operation Baby Hummingbird

A few weeks ago my husband and I both commented on a hummingbird that would buzz around us anytime we got near this certain tree in our yard.  Then it occurred to us that there must be a nest that she is protecting.  We looked and sure enough not more than 2 feet from our heads was a tiny hummingbird nest and she landed it in.  We were sure to keep our distance and of course never touch the nest or any part of the tree near it.

photo 2

We left for Florida and when we came back the nest was still there, but didn’t see a whole lot of activity.  A few days later I was observing and noticed a tiny little fuzzy head bobbing up and down inside!  It was a baby hummingbird!  Holding my camera above my head and zooming in I was able to take a blurry picture and sure enough there were TWO  little baby hummingbirds.  I did some research and learned that hummingbirds typically only have 1 or 2 babies.

photo 1

Today I happen to look down when I passed by the tree and saw one of the little baby hummingbirds flopping around on the ground.  It had fallen out of the nest.  All the research told me that hummingbirds are not like other birds and can’t smell humans and won’t abandon their babies if a human puts them back in the next.  Everything said that if you are able to that you should put it back in the next and watch for a couple hours and make sure the parent comes back.  With my husbands help we VERY carefully (since the baby was the size of the top of my thumb) back in its nest with its sibling.  We watched and sure enough within 10 minute the mom came back.  The baby seemed to be uninjured as far as wings, neck and legs.  Now we just pray that it is internally ok and that it stays put in the nest.  I have to admit that with both those little babies in that tiny nest it is a very tight squeeze.  The picture above was taken after we returned the baby to the nest.

Fingers crossed and saying some little prayers for our little friends.


  1. Jayne @ Jaynie's Gotta Run | 14th Apr 14

    Awesome job saving the baby bird! That nest does look so tight…are they supposed to be that small?! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the little guy/gal is ok!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 14th Apr 14

      In my research it says that since they are so small that is why they are suppose to be so smooshed in the nest to help them stay warm. I just checked this morning and currently they are both still in the nest. Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 14th Apr 14

    Oh my goodness how cute!!! I didn’t not know that about hummingbirds – I’m glad you were able to rescue the little one!!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th Apr 14

      So far so good. They seem happy and still in the nest 30 hours later. Fingers still crossed 🙂

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  4. beautea97 | 21st Apr 14

    Oh my gosh! I am infatuated with hummingbirds! How wonderful that you saw the babe that fell out and were able to put it back!!

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