Operation Baby Hummingbird Update

I wanted to update everyone on how the baby hummingbirds are doing.  Here is my original post on saving the baby hummingbird that fell out of the nest if you didn’t read it.


Both of them are still in the nest and seem to be doing great.  They are flapping their wings more and more.  The cutest part though is how they rotate in the nest to keep their faces in the sun.  They are like tiny little sundials.  Everyday they are getting more feathers.  I am amazed at how fast this process is.  I wonder how old hummingbirds are when their beaks become very long?  They are definitely growing though.  I’m still crossing my fingers for these two little amazing creatures.  My daughter named them Cinderella and Aurora. Lol


  1. Jayne @ Jaynie's Gotta Run | 18th Apr 14

    Love it! So glad they seem to be thriving. It’s kind of an amazing thing to watch birds in a nest growing and changing!

  2. beautea97 | 21st Apr 14

    I’m so glad you provided an update! I hope they continue to flourish…

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