My open letter to Chelsa and Dennis Crowley

Dear Dennis and Chelsa Crowley,

I read articles and saw your statement about Chelsa ‘banditing” the Boston Marathon using a fake bib (who’s number belonged to a charity runner) and I fully understand you guys wanting to run the race together after finishing separate last year, but SOOO many people wanted to run with their loved ones and they either raised a ton of money or BQed, not “stole” a race number.

Boston is the most cherished marathon of all marathons.  Every runner dreams of running Boston, but the thing is most don’t get to.  They either need to be super fast to qualify or raise a MINIMUM of $7500 for charity (each charity has different minimums, but I believe that $7500 is the cheapest charity entry).  SO my thought is, if you guys wanted to run so bad together then why not run for charity?  Help other people instead of only thinking about yourselves.  I am assuming, so I’m sorry about that, but you are the CEO of Foursquare, so again I’m assuming you aren’t in the lower income category and have the means to either donate the $7500 or at least have the means around you to raise $7500 for charity…like the person did who’s bib number you stole.

I rarely write letters like this, but feel strongly about the fact that you had other options (charity) then just making a fake bib, bragging about it on social media and then giving an apology that didn’t feel like much of an apology.  I hope you make it right in the way of donating to charity, what you should’ve done in the first place.  Thank you.




  1. Twins Run | 26th Apr 14

    Well said! If someone didn’t earn an entry to Boston through a BQ or charity, they should not have run. And, the same goes for other races – running as a bandit is never OK!

  2. Pam | 26th Apr 14

    And if his wife accepted a medal it should be returned to the BAA. I agree totally with your letter.

  3. beautea97 | 27th Apr 14

    This story is just so maddening! I WAS a user of Foursquare but have deleted the app!!!! I cannot support a company that is lead by such dishonest people. The reason THE Boston Marathon is held in such high regard is because you have to EARN your way in to run (qualify) and even if you are fortunate enough to run there is no guarantee that you will be able to register… These people are a disgrace to the running community!!! Boo HISS…

  4. Kim | 29th Apr 14

    I was very frustrated when I read about the Crowleys. I do believe the husband ran for a charity, and I read somewhere that they tried to get the wife in with a different charity but there were no charity entries available for her, so they faked the bib. So what makes me frustrated is the idea that these people couldn’t take “no” for an answer. Seems so selfish; it’s as you said, many people do NOT get to run Boston. I think that’s what makes the race so special and so prestigious. And if you don’t get it, for whatever reason (couldn’t get a charity entry, or maybe you BQ but not by enough), then you don’t get in. Period. There’s always another year.

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