On The Go Snacks

We are all busy people.  We are parents, errands runners, PTA board members, full time employees, the boss, the chef, the decision maker, runners, travelers and everything else that takes up our time.  Finding healthy on the go snacks is so important.  I need something I can count on to be filling and nutritious.  I tried ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Bars and loved them.  They are delicious, nutritious, and satisfy me until my next meal.

FullSizeRenderThey are the perfect size to just throw in my purse while running out the door to dance practice or the gym, school or vacation. 

I now keep some in the pantry and the car so I can easily grab one no matter where I am. They made snacking simple for me.  Carrying Perfectly Simple Bars with me helps from grabbing junk food while out and about when I get too hungry to think straight.  ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Bars have kept me on the right track to maintain my healthy minded lifestyle.

FullSizeRenderPerfectly Simple Bars come in delicious favors including:
• Almond Toffee Crunch
• Bing Cherry & Almond
• Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
• Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate

I can’t decide which one I like the best because they are all so good. They satisfy my sweet and salty cravings.

FullSizeRenderPerfectly Simple bars make you #FeelGooder.  They are high in protein, 200 calories or less, and are gluten-free.  They are the perfect blend of simple ingredients in one feel-good treat. Because snacking should always be simple, even when your life isn’t.

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Have you tried ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Bars? If not which flavor sounds the best to you?