Olaf the Snowman Mac ‘N Cheese

When I attend the Type-A Bootcamp at Walt Disney World, Disney Parks was one of the sponsors.  They threw an amazing party for us in the evening that was Frozen themed.  One of the food stations was a Mac ‘N Cheese bar…Olaf style.


It was so cute!  I thought I would share because it would be a great idea for your next kids party or even just dinner.  Maybe your family will eat their vegetables if it is Olaf’s nose?

Olive slices for Olaf’s eyes, carrots for his nose, they also had sour cream, chives, cheese, breadcrumbs and bacon available.

My thought was to make the Mac ‘N Cheese a little healthier you can add pureed cauliflower and squash mixed in.  How about kale for some funny hair?  The possibilities are endless and seriously, what kids don’t love playing with their food?

So do you wanna build a snowman… a Mac ‘n Cheese snowman?


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 4th Apr 14

    So cute – I might have to try something like this for my kids!

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