I Am Officially Running the OC Half Marathon

I have succumbed and I am running the OC Half Marathon May 4th, 2014.

I have wanted to run this race for the last couple years, but the timing has never worked for me.  This year I discussed with my hubby and we agreed we would make the 6+ hour drive down to Orange County in SoCal.  I have heard the course is beautiful (and a net downhill elevation).  It is a start time of 6:15am, so I’m hoping to be done running before it gets TOO hot like Southern California has a tendency to do.


Anyone else running the OC Half Marathon?


  1. Nicolasa | 2nd Apr 14

    Very exciting! Congrats, I’m glad it worked out this time!

  2. Valerie | 2nd Apr 14

    Unless they changed the course, there are a few real hills, including one around mile 11. The finish line party is rockin’ as people usually get their Cinco De Mayo festivities started. Look up Sidecar Donuts while you’re down; their gourmet donuts make a decadent post race treat! Have fun!

  3. Jayne (Jaynie's Gotta Run) | 2nd Apr 14

    Congrats! Running a new race for the first time is always exciting, and I can only imagine that the scenery in the OC will be amazing. I’m running the Go! marathon relay for the first time this upcoming weekend…but I’m guessing the view of downtown St. Louis won’t be nearly as nice..lol!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 3rd Apr 14

      Good luck this weekend!!! I’ve never been to St. Louis so I bet that view would be awesome too 🙂

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