My #NewYouResolution

I love the idea of making a #NewYouResolution, not just one New Years Resolution.

Here are some of the awesome #NewYouResolutions that you guys have made:
Kristen wants to incorporate clean eating.
Ashley wants to learn how to snowboard.
Rachel wants to eat healthy, lose weight and PR in the half.
Jama wants to focus on eating healthy.
Leslee wants to stretch and do yoga more and also hoping to PR in a half.

What is your #NewYouResolution?  Add it to the comments so we can help cheer you on!

Here is mine:

I use to go to yoga, barre class and hot pilates regularly.  I love the cross training it gives me with running.  The last few months I have barely been because life just got to busy.  I am resolving to get back to it and MAKE time for it.  The stretching at barre class helped me so much more than my foam roller even did.

My second part of my #NewYouResolution is an eating experiment of such.  I have allergies and a sensitive stomach.  The last week I have been trying gluten free to see if that makes a difference.  I am planning to stick with it for the month of January and see how I feel.  If it works for me than I might have a new lifestyle.  If not than I am on to trying the next round of “helping to minimize my allergies” eating, like possibly cutting way down on dairy, paleo style eating and I have a few other ideas.

I want to hear what you resolve to do for YOURSELF this year!


  1. Leslee | 1st Jan 14

    Thanks for the inspiration and the shoutout!
    Good luck with your dietary change; I gave up meat in September and found it not hard at all. My daughter is a doctor of physical therapy and has so much knowledge on how diet is SO important.

  2. Matilda | 4th Jan 14

    Have you read the book “it starts with food”? (Melissa &dallas hartwig) it’s fantastic and will made you rethink gluten. has more info.
    For me this year is to transition my kids to gluten free, primal and then paleo. But that’s more a family goal.
    I want to get more yoga classes in, and get a new pr in the half. Good luck.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 5th Jan 14

      I haven’t read that book, but I am now! Thank you for the info!!!

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