A #NewYouResolution Check

Ok, January is winding down.  How is everyone’s #NewYouResolution doing?  Everyone sticking with their goals?

Anyone need extra encouragement, advice or just a big kick in the bum bums?

You can do it!  I am doing pretty well with the clean eating, but have still not travelled out of the box of normal fitness classes like I had hoped.  I run quite a bit, but still want to incorporate more cross training.  Hoping to tackle a spin class in the next couple weeks along with my normal routine.  That is way out of the comfort zone for me 🙂 I of course still love my barre and hot pilates classes though.


  1. Leslee | 27th Jan 14

    Doing fairly well with my newYou resolutions (stretching & water consumption). I added a 30 day challenge through work, doing an ab challenge. I’m up to a :50 plank!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Jan 14

      That’s awesome! Good job Leslee!

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