Newlywed and Broke- The Web Series

ENMNetwork Disclosure

Have you ever been really happy that Top Ramen was on sale 6 for $.99 because it makes your $10 last a lot longer?  That is usually a sign you are broke…or Newlywed and Broke.

In my house if I want to watch TV I have to watch what my 3 year old wants to.  Since I am on the computer a lot I have come to really enjoy shows online.  Newlywed and Broke is a web series comedy that I want to watch.  It is about a couple living in the world of job loss and financial hardship.  It is a comedy that I think most of us can relate to which makes it even funnier.

I thought this “Broke Tip” is especially funny because it is so true!  My girlfriends and I STILL plan our girl times for happy hour because it is half the price.


Newlywed and Broke has a fresh approach to their show and is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, which is a nonprofit arts service organization.   They currently have an Indiegogo campaign.  The goal of the Indiegogo campaign for Newlywed and Broke is to produce a TV quality web series.  It will first be on the Newlywed and Broke website and than hopefully pitched to networks.  Since the project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non­profit arts service organization, contributions are tax­deductible.

On the Newlywed and Broke Indiegogo website you can donate money and get fun “perks” in return.  Even a donation of $1.00 gets you a thank you video and a weekly newsletter.  Click here for the link to the Indiegogo campaign and read about all the perks, which have great names too like “The First Date” and “The Bachelorette Party”.

I am a supporter of the arts and can get behind this show.  I would love to see Newlywed and Broke make it on my computer and all the way to my television.


I think most of us have a “broke” moment like 6 Top Ramens for $.99.  What are some of your broke moments?