My Surgery is Friday…

I knew surgery was inevitable and the day was coming, but maybe not quite as quick as it did.  I am filled with every emotion, which I’m sure is pretty normal before any surgery.  I am totally in a funk.  While I am excited about finally getting a better quality of life back, I also feed nervous about surgery itself.  Up until now the only surgery I have had was a c-section and I was awake for that.  I feel like my nerves come mostly from the unknown.  There is a plan for my surgery, which is a hysterectomy and the removing my left ovary.  There is the chance though that there is more that needs to be done.  The surgeon has advised me that while there is a plan it could change once they see what is really going on.  Again, I’m sure this is how it is with a lot of surgeries.  

I tured 37 two weeks ago.  A couple days before my birthday I received the best gift ever when I got the results back of my BRCA 1 test and found out I am negative.  After getting that news I am heading into this surgery with a much better mindset, but still the slight depression of the finality of never having another child.  That is for a whole other blog entry though.

I haven’t had a long time frame to prep for this surgery, so I am trying to get everything organized ahead of time.  A mom’s job is never done.  I am normally horrible at asking for help, but I am finally giving in and realize I will need it. Carpools, some meals, playdates, friends just to help check in.  I would’t be able to do this without help and I love my tribe.  They have been there every step of the way.  

Because I am self employed I am also prepping a couple weeks worth of posts to keep things going while I am recovering.  I appreciate all of you and your support so much.  Hopefully the content I have created in the meantime will be just as good for you all.  

Positive vibes, some prayers, and lots of cuddle time with my Little Monkey, that is currently what I am working on. ?


  1. beautea97 | 21st Feb 18

    Sending positive vibes only to you my friend!!! Indeed, it takes a tribe sometimes and I’m glad you have one 🙂 Wish I were closer to help you out, but I’ll be doing what I can from here!!! Enjoy your cuddle time with Little Monkey!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 21st Feb 18

      Thank you ❤️??

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