My No Good Very Bad Day

It was like one of those bad dreams where you think you are totally prepared and then one thing after another keeps happening…but this really happened.?

I was a hot mess even though I thought I was totally prepared.  Today was my first day of my new term at school.  I went back to school in January and had a great first semester, so maybe I was a little too confident going into this.  The class that I need has a registration cap of only 15 people, so it fills up super quick.  I am on the waitlist.  While on the waitlist you hope some miracle happens like someone drops out, but you still have to “attend” all the classes and do all the work.  I thought I was really prepared.  ?

I logged into the class syllabus ahead of time and brushed up on the reading and made sure I knew where my classroom connect link was (we use Canvas).  The class was suppose to be 12-2pm my time, because the college is based near Boston.  I log in at 11:45am thinking I would rather be early and there is already a conversation going on and people are submitting files and the conversation log is half full and my panic sets in.  I quickly start reading through the conversation log to see what I missed, but can’t find anything more than hellos and technical questions.  I then start downloading all the files people are submitting and they are all random pictures of Albert Einstein, an airplane, a tranquil beach, etc.  PANIC!!!! ? What the heck is going on.  I immediately start looking for a picture on my computer of something that isn’t a person to submit just so I’m not behind the 8 ball completely.  I submit it only to realize I didn’t title it with my name.  So in the submitted files section it says things like “John Smith Introduction.JPG” and mine says “img_0847.JPG”.  UGHHHH!!!! The professor then immediately asks who submitted that picture with no name and I raise my hand.  He then references something about an email he sent out about the assignment and I say I didn’t get the email because I’m on the waitlist.  He was very nice about it all, but I felt like a total HOT MESS!  ? So he briefly summarizes that the pictures were suppose to not be a portrait and was suppose to be an image that showed something about us.  Luckily the image I picked was of my favorite red building in Chicago in the background with thousands of marathon runners below.  Phew…lucked out on that one.  ? Now he says he is going to give us 35 min to answer a writing prompt he gives us and then submit it on the classroom link.  Ok, no problem, I got this.  I write the essay and finish in 33 min with 2 minutes to spare to submit it.  I go to submit and it just keeps spooling. ? Are you F’ing KIDDING ME! I submitted assignments this way all last term and never had a problem, but now I can’t get it to work as I’m desperately trying to get off the waitlist for this class?!?! 

So now the class has resumed and he calls out 3 of us who haven’t submitted yet and I say that I am trying but it just won’t go through, again like a total hot mess.  The other 2 people get theirs in and mine STILL won’t upload and submit! ? The professor, again being very nice says we will try to fix the problem after class.  Totally panicked I start running all over the house, while carrying my laptop and being involved in the class, looking for my iPad Pro.  I remembered that last semester I did a lot of work on my iPad Pro and Canvas has an app on it.  My genius idea was to email myself the .docx and then try to upload it through the app.  I found it and did all that and it went through!  Phewwwwww!! ? Oh wait, now in class the professor is one by one pulling up the pictures that people submitted.  Remember they had 2 days before hand to prepare what they were going to say because they all got the email that I didn’t.  So now I totally have to wing it from a random photo.  I did it and they all thought it was cool that I run marathons (and I felt like saying that those are a piece of cake compared to this school waitlist thing!). ? As the class is winding down I need to confirm that the professor got my assignment submission.  Everyone was long winded in their presentations, so the class that was suppose to end at 2pm with perfect amount of time for me to pick up my little monkey from school at 2:30pm is still in session on 2:10.  Now the mom panic starts to set in!  What happens if I’m late to pick up my daughter when I am never EVER late?!?! ? She would be really worried and I would feel awful.  I not so patiently wait for the class to end and I ask the professor.  He double checks and yes he got it.  I wish him a good week, sign off, jump in the car, get to Little Monkey’s school, and run to the gate just as they are being let out.  I still feel shell shocked.  I don’t know if I will get into the class because I am on the waitlist and if I don’t I might totally cry because I spent 2.5 hours pulling it all out of thin air.  Fingers crossed the rest of the term goes better.  (At least the professor apologized about me not getting the email, so he knew I was put on the spot.)

Anyone else have a no good very bad day?