My Little Monkey’s First 5k- Bridge To Bridge 5k In San Francisco

IMG_7648Last week my 5 year old and I did a 5k together.  It was her first one.  My daughter saw a commercial for the race and asked to do it.  I explained to her how long a 5k was in distance she would understand.  I told her it was as long as walking to the park and back.  She said yes she wanted to do that.  My husband and I talked it over and decided to let her give it a try.  Worst comes to worst my husband would be near by with the car to pick us up.  We didn’t tell her that part though.  We filled her full of positive encouragement.  

FullSizeRenderWe ran/walked the Bridge to Bridge 5k in San Francisco.  It started at the Ferry Building and ended at Aquatic Park.  The weather was beautiful.  There was no fog in site.  My goal was just to make sure she finished and she did that with no problem.  What a fun experience! She kept everyone around us entertained by talking the ENTIRE time. I love my little jabber jaws.  She got her medal and then wanted to play at the bouncy house at the finish line party.  

FullSizeRenderThe race went along the Embarcadero and it was such a clear day that the views of Alcatraz were stunning.  My daughter kept asking me questions about Alcatraz and I was trying to explain how it use to be a jail.  My daughter loves the Disney movie “Descendants” and was saying that Alcatraz was like the Isle of the Lost.  I thought that was a very good thought, it kind of is like that.

IMG_7691We had a beautiful day.  My daughter loved every minute of it and I did too.  

FullSizeRenderHow old was your child when they first did a 5k?


  1. Pauline | 15th Oct 15

    Great job on your daughters first 5k! I have a feeling more will be in her future. 🙂

    My daughter was 5 when she did her first rundisney 5k. She’s a trooper running the whole thing and has done several since then (she’s 7 now).

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th Oct 15

      So fun! My daughter will need to do one of the runDisney 5ks with me now 🙂

  2. acure4bc | 16th Oct 15

    that is so sweet! I wished I could have started early with my daughter, she runs faster than me! She was a teen and since then she loves running when she has the time for it. These memories are unforgettable! I am sure your daughter will embrace it in the years to come with lots of sweet smiles. (at least mine does :0) )

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