My Little Monkey On A Real Stage For The First Time!


My daughter had her first dance performance this past weekend.  It was her first time on a real stage in front of a big crowd.  I think every parent has that moment where they wonder if their child will love it or be afraid.  While my daughter is totally crazy at times and surprises us when she volunteers to be the jugglers assistant on the Boardwalk at Disney World, she also has her very shy moments where she is very timid.  

FullSizeRenderI am happy to report that she loved it!  Every second of it!  When the show was over and I went to give her a big hug she turned around and tried to climb up on the stage.  I asked what she was doing and she said she wanted to dance on stage more for everyone as they were leaving.  I thought that was pretty funny.


My daughter takes a tap/ballet combo class and for their performance they did ballet to the song “Golden Afternoon” from Alice in Wonderland.  I thought this was pretty fitting since we are a big Disney family.  There were 7 classes total performing in the recital.  There is something so absolutely heartwarmingly beautiful about watching little tiny kids performing.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.

My daughter continues to surprise me with her love of performing.  (You should see her on a dance floor at any party or wedding.  She will take it over).  Next year she wants to take more classes so she can be on the traveling performing/competing dance team.  Does this mean I am going to be a dance mom?  Lightbulb moment! Maybe we can coordinate dance competitions with race weekends?!?!  Genius 😉