My First Golf Lesson and an Adidas Golf Discount Code

Thank you to Adidas Golf for sponsoring this post with FitFluential. All opinions are always my own.
My husband is a big golfer.  He use to play 200 rounds a year.  We all know how much I love being active and outdoors, so golf just seemed like a great way to spend a day.  I have always wished that golf was something I had learned at a younger age, but with the encouragement of my husband I realized that golf can be learned at any age.  With the help of Adidas Golf I was all set to take my first lesson.

Golf shoes, clothes, and clubs…check, check, and check!  I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous going to my first lesson because no one wants to be the person that swings and misses the ball and that is all I could picture myself doing.  Once I met Zach, the super awesome pro who is teaching me at Pasatiempo Golf Club, I realized I had nothing to fear.  

The lesson was one hour and flew by.  He took me to the driving range and taught me some fundamentals, like how to hold the club and how to effectively hit the ball.  I loved it!  It wasn’t intimidating at all!  

After my first lesson I already felt confident enough to go practice on my own.  In the first week I went to the driving range and the chipping and putting green with my husband twice.  What a great way to spend time together and be outdoors in this beautiful weather we are having.  Little Monkey even came out with us once.  There are not a lot of sports that a family, including our 7 year old daughter, can all do together.  Little Monkey is taking golf lessons too.  We are totally hooked!

A big thank you to Adidas Golf for facilitating this.  The Adidas Golf shoes are so comfortable.  They feel like running shoes!  There is so much great gear on the Adidas Golf website.  I am also loving the TaylorMade golf clubs they sent me.  

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Ladies (and gentlemen) don’t let golf intimate you.  I realized that all those golfers out there that I see are at all different abilities.  Sometimes you have a good day, sometimes you may have a little bit of an off day, just like running, and that is one of the great things about the sport.  It is truly anyone’s game.

Do you golf?  Have you wanted to try golf?