My Favorite Places to Eat Before a runDisney Race at Walt Disney World

If you have ever been to Walt Disney World you know that making reservations at restaurants ahead of time is important.  If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World and are planning your first visit than let me tell you that making reservations ahead of time is important.  Before running a half (or full) marathon there are certain foods that I like to eat and also foods that I try to avoid.  Here are some of my favorite places to eat Walt Disney World for dinner before a race.

The runDisney Pre-race Pasta Dinner- It is a lot of fun to meet people and enjoy the entertainment while eating yummy carbs.

Via Napoli in Italy at Epcot- You can’t beat eating pasta before a race and their food here is delicious.  They also have great pizza which my 3 year old loves.

Tony’s Town Square at Magic Kingdom- Again italian food, I really enjoy simple pasta before a race.

Bongos at Downtown Disney- This cuban restaurant is DELISH!  The chicken and rice you can get here is great and has protein and carbs which I like to eat before a race.

The kitchen in my Disney Villa- We usually stay in a Villa at Beach Club, Old Key West, or Animal Kingdom and this provides me a kitchen so I can cook my own food if I want to rest.  What do I cook?  Usually an almond butter and banana sandwich (super yummy prerace food in my opinion) or chicken breast and sweet potatoes.

I try to avoid large salads before a race simply because of digestion.  I like foods that offer me carbs and protein for the race.

What is your favorite place to eat at before a race?