My Endorphin Junkie Bucket LIst

Since I’m becoming more and more of an endorphin junkie, I thought I would put together my bucket list.

1. Ironman- I currently don’t do tris, but one day I’m sure I will and when I do I will set my eyes on finishing an ironman.

2. London, Paris, and Rome Marathons- I don’t think that needs much explanation.

3. Boston Marathon- more determined than ever now

4. NYC Marathon- This one will be next year.  2014 I’m coming for ya!

5. Marine Corp Marathon in DC- I’m already registered and running it this October.  Woohoo!

6. Shark diving- I have a huge fascination with sharks and would one day love to see them up close and personal.

7. The Empire State Building Stair Climb- I might as well give “tower running” a try right?

8. Chicago Marathon- I heard it is a great race and by how fast it sells out I bet those people aren’t lying 🙂

9. Climb Half Dome- Yosemite is so beautiful that I absolutely must.  I just need to find someone half crazy that I can talk into doing it with me.

10. An Ultra?- I’m not sure what, but one day, somewhere, somehow I will register and sign up for a distance longer than a marathon.

11. Take the stairs at the Eiffel Tower- I’ve only been to Paris once and when I did I took the elevator at the Eiffel Tour. The next time I will be taking the stairs.

12. Hood to Coast Relay-  I don’t have 11 friends who are runners, haha, BUT I’m sure I can find 11 people willing out of my “runner friends” I’ve made around the world right? 🙂

13. runDisney Dopey Challenge- I have done Goofy twice, so why not register and run the Dopey Challenge.  See you in January!

I’m sure I will be adding to this list as I discover more challenges.

What are your must do endorphin junkie events?



  1. EverydayGirl | 18th Apr 13

    LOVE these ideas! I would add the Athens Marathon (original marathon course), but otherwise mine would be similar. 🙂

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