My Daughter Was A Picky Eater Under the Age of 2- Giveaway for Stonyfield YoBaby

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield, but all opinions are always my own.

FullSizeRenderMy daughter has always been a little bit of a picky eater.  She definitely has a wider taste in food now, but when she was a baby and toddler that wasn’t the case.  I looked at other moms in restaurants with their child and would see avocado, carrots, and broccoli in front of the 20 month old and be a little envious.  My daughter was NOT that child.  I had all these high hopes of how my child would think carrots are candy and I would make all my baby food at home and she would love it.  Well, in reality, that isn’t always the case.  I did still make baby food at home, but I had to be creative.  This is where Stonyfield has always been my go to since Lily was around 8 months old.  

yobaby-plain-6-packShe LOVED yogurt.  The Stonyfield YoBaby organic yogurt was her favorite thing to eat.  When I realized that my hopes and dreams of having the child who would love vegetables and eat anything wasn’t a reality I started being more creative.  The pureed broccoli, spinach, and sweet potato I made got added to some Stonyfield YoBaby and she would gobble it right up.  There is no shame in my baby food game.  Still to this day Stonyfield Organic yogurt is the one thing I can ALWAYS count on my daughter eating.  

226589_1782973608915_5386182_nI was inspired to write this post because I just learned that Stonyfield YoBaby is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand for 6 month to 2 year olds among refrigerated yogurts (IMS Health ProVoice Survey, 12/01/15 -02/29/16).  Let’s celebrate with a giveaway for 3 months supply of Stonyfiel YoBaby! Enter below:
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stonyfieldDid you (or do you currently) have a picky eater?


  1. sarah@creatingbettertomorrow | 22nd Aug 16

    I have two year old twins…though I wouldn’t say they are terribly picky…they are toddlers 🙂 one day they LOVE a food the next day they act repulsed if I even sit it on the counter, oh the joys of toddler mood swings! But like you the two things they love YOGURT and CHEESE!!! We buy two HUGE cartons of Stonyfield every week!

  2. Laura@Fit Running Mama | 22nd Aug 16

    I would love love love this! My son is 18 months and is becoming SOOO Picky!!! Would be amazing– we love Stonyfield!!

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