My 10 Year Old Turned Her Love Of Sewing Into A Business

kid sewing scrunchiesWhen my daughter Lily said she wanted to start a business sewing and selling her scrunchies I thought it was a cute idea, but didn’t really take it very seriously. She is 10 years old and has always loved drawing, crafting, and sewing. When she was 5 she always wanted to help when I was sewing and I started by teaching her how to make a doll pillow and blanket. When she was 6 she asked Santa for a sewing machine. Now she has taken it to the next level.

6 year old learning to sew with machine
6 year old Lily on Christmas day with the sewing machine Santa brought her. She still has the same sewing machine today.

At 10 years old, Lily opened her own Etsy shop selling her scrunchie hair tie creations. I showed her how to use Canva online to create her logo. She named her business ScrunchMe. Lily absolutely loves going to the fabric store and picking out fabric. She gets so excited when she has more sales, not because she wants a new toy, but because she has more money for more fabric!   kid entrepreneur

Back in March and April I was sewing face masks to donate and Lily loved to help. She cut all my patterns for me and helped pinning. She sewed my inside seams and loved being included in the project.

I remember growing up both my grandmothers were avid sewers. I LOVED when I was allowed to be in my grandma’s sewing room. It seemed magical to me. My mom sewed Christmas crafts when I was young and sold those at craft fairs. I am thankful that I had that influence going up because sewing always comes in very handy. When a dress needs to be taken in or a hole mended I am confident fixing it and I am so glad my daughter now has those sills too.

Lily was scrunchie obsessed before she learned how to make them. She would save up to order more scrunchies online. One day I told her about the good old days back in the 80’s when I would make my own scrunchies. Her eyes lit up and asked if I could show her how to make them. Lily’s business started just by making scrunchies for friends and of course herself. My best friend suggested to Lily that she should open an Etsy shop. She asked me about 17 times a day until I agreed we would look into it and start one. She has big dreams of wanting to start sewing more hair accessories to add to her Etsy shop, but right now hair scrunchies are keeping her busy. She even does the packaging, weighing, and printing the shipping labels on her own. 

sewing scrunchiesI am proud of her that she feels confident enough sewing to create a business out of it. She works hard to get her orders done and it is always her priority. If you want to check out Lily’s Etsy shop you can click here. 

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scrunchies in a pile with a girl holding them