10 Must-Do’s In Venice, Italy

Are you traveling to Venice, Italy? Do you have a European vacation planned and are looking for tips? Where to do in Venice Italy? This post will cover where to eat in Venice, Italy, what to do in Venice, Italy, and Venice must-do’s, plus more tips! Venice canal and 10 must-do's in Venice Italy

I fell in love with Venice, Italy when I visited for the Venice Marathon. It is like no other city I have ever visited. The age, charm, culture, and details are like nothing else. I watched DHL delivering packages, but it was a boat, not a truck. No cars are allowed on the island of Venice. When you first cross the bridge from mainland Venice over to the island you will see very large parking structures. The only mode of transportation is by foot or by boat. Walking through Venice though was absolutely amazing. Being in Venice is like walking around in a postcard. Everything is so picturesque it is surreal. Put on comfortable shoes and tackle this list! Here are 10 must-do’s when you you visit Venice, Italy.  

    1. Get Lost- No literally, go get lost amongst the canals.  You will stumble upon beautiful neighborhoods, shops, and cafes.  Don’t worry, Venice isn’t that big and it is surrounded by water, so you can’t get THAT lost. 
    2. Take A Water Taxi- Tell your driver you just want him to drive you around the city.  It will cost you around 80 euro, but you will get a fantastic tour of the city.  
    3. Find Fresh Pasta and Eat It- Italy is known for pasta, but not every restaurant makes it fresh.  Go to a restaurant that is further away from a tourist area (i.e. not in Rialto or San Marco area) because the food will generally be better AND it will be more affordable.  
    4. Visit the Farmers Market- It is amazing to see all the vendors and produce.  It is also interesting to see what they do to artichokes!  (Hint: They just keep the hearts) 
    5. San Marco Basilica- When visiting St. Mark’s Square (San Marco) be sure to buy tickets and go inside San Marco Basilica. Download and listen to Rick Steeves’ audio tour.  It points out so much you would otherwise miss. 
  1. Rialto- Visit the Rialto Bridge and the shopping area around, but be aware that it is super touristy.  If you want to save money don’t buy anything from the shops around the area because if you walk inwards a couple blocks you can get it for much less.  
  2. Eat Gelato- Gelato in Italy is truly the best thing on earth and not like gelato you can get in the states.  TIP: the best gelato are at places where the gelato isn’t piled up high in it’s containers.  You want a place where it is flat in the container.  You will know what I’m talking about when you see it.
  3. Drink an Aperol Spritz- They are a delicious alcoholic beverage that is orangish in color and is just as pretty to look at as it tastes.  They are usually served in a big wine glass, but you can also find them bottled at most little markets throughout Venice.  
  4. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari- Less kBuilt in 1338 and filled with history. Download the Rick Steeves audio tour for this one also.  You won’t be disappointed. 
  5. Wine- It’s Italy of course you have to drink red wine.  A glass (or bottle) of red wine is quite affordable and you really can’t go wrong with any one you pick.  They are pretty much all good.  

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