Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Husbands Who Have No Clue

Ok, so I totally understand how some husbands get stuck on Mother’s Day trying to figure out a present.  My husband is impossible to shop for and I feel the same way at all holidays I have to by him a present.  Here are some of my can’t fail gift ideas for the mom in your life.

If she is a healthy eater get her a gift of a Farm Fresh to You subscription.  It is a delivery of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your door and includes recipes.  It is fun to experience produce that you wouldn’t normally buy and learn to cook with it too.  You can choose whether you want it weekly, biweekly, every 3rd week, whatever you want.  You can also choose different sized boxes for how much you want.  They also offer just fruit and just veggie options.  They aren’t available in all areas, but there might be another company that offers a similar service.

If she is a woman than I am sure she would love shoes.  Tieks makes awesome ballet flats (clarification for men: a type of cute shoe that has no heel, not actually for ballet) that are comfortable AND stylish and come in a multitude of colors.  She will LOVE them and so will all the other moms at the playground.

A beauty service such as a pedicure, massage or a gift certificate for a blow dry bar.  Women like to feel pretty and we also like the adult alone time of doing these things without kids.  All salons offer gift cards (and for some reason if they don’t you probably don’t want to send your wife there, haha)

A tablet (a.k.a iPad) A little pricey, but I promise your wife is worth it.  If she doesn’t already have one treat her to one.  Load it ahead of time with a picture of you and your kids as the background and put a couple of her favorite movies or a book on it for her.  How thoughtful would it be to turn on a new iPad and the movie “The Notebook” is already on it!  I would be a happy lady 🙂

If none of these strike your fancy here are some suggestions from real moms who are my tweeps:

itunes giftcards

Compression socks

Wireless headphones

A race fee

To sleep in

An uninterrupted bath

Clean dishes

Laundry done and folded

To pee by myself (LOL)

An an overwhelming amount of women said “a nap” and “a day to myself”

Consider sending your wife to a spa for an overnight quiet stay or maybe a weekend trip with her girlfriends.

I hope these ideas help.  Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.






  1. Matilda | 3rd May 13

    Fantastic Idea’s. With a HELL YESS to the iPad.
    With the laundry, that would be great, if it could get put away too.

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