The Little Moments in Life- My Daughter’s Laugh

I think every parent loves the sound of their child’s laugh.  The most amazing sound I’ve ever heard is when my daughter laugh’s so hard she is almost not breathing.  Just hearing it puts an instant smile on my face.

Now that the weather’s warmed up we have put the mattress on our Floating Bed in the backyard.  We have a roped tied to one of the posts so we can pull it to make us swing.  My daughter always thinks it is hilarious that I almost fly off the Floating Bed when I do this and my husband happened to catch a video of it.  I could listen to that laugh all day.

Remember to enjoy those little moments in life.  They are so precious.  It is so easy to get busy and forget to appreciate and enjoy those moments.

Do you have a favorite sound that can always put a smile on your face?