Mizuno Wave Kazan Review- Blaze New Trails

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Mizuno Wave Kazan Review

I’m a very lucky girl and I got to take the new Mizuno Wave Kazan all-terrain shoe out for some runs and I am very impressed.  These shoes are designed to take you from the streets to the trails.  Let me start off by saying that these shoes didn’t disappoint one bit.  They exceeded all of my expectations, and I had set pretty high ones.

When trail running I want to feel like I’m in a running shoe, but stick to rocks, not slip on dirt and get through gravel without hurting.  I felt at ease and protected in the Mizuno Wave Kazan, which for me is first and foremost the most important part of a shoe.

Mizuno Wave Kazan Trail

The Mizuno Wave Kazan have the best of both world’s.  They are Mizuno’s most versatile all-terrain shoe.  Being designed specifically for all terrain I was a little worried about the weight of the shoe.  I tend to like a very lightweight shoe.  They are super lightweight though and I love it! The men’s weigh in at 9.5 oz and the women’s at only 8.0oz.  They have a 12mm drop and are the most amazing all-terrtain shoe I have ever worn.

The Wave Kazan are so versatile that while running on the road I didn’t feel like I was wearing a trail shoe, but on the trail I felt like I was wearing a true trail shoe.  It was amazing.  I have never had a pair of shoes that gave me such ease on the trail with comfort and road running ability.

Mizuno Wave Kazan bottoms

One of the great things I noticed about the Mizuno Wave Kazan was that I could still feel the terrain under my feet, but it didn’t hurt one bit.  My feet felt protected yet aware of the roots and rocks I was running on.  They are lightweight, but have great stability and protection for trail running.

Mizuno Wave Kazan all terrain shoes

I can’t recommend these shoes enough.  These are truly the shoes that can take you on a run from your front door, through the streets, down gravel and up a mountain.

Here is a great video about the making of the Mizuno Wave Kazan:

To learn more about the Mizuno Wave Kazan you can visit the men’s shoes here and the women’s shoes here.

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Have you been on the look out for a great all-terrain shoe?


  1. beautea97 | 18th Jul 14

    Well shoot! Here I just got a new pair of Mizuno’s (Paradox) and I think I would enjoy the Kazan! Thanks for the review, watch my blog for my Paradox review 🙂

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