Mizuno Runners- Zulily is having a sale!

I know a lot of Mizuno runners and I saw in my newsletter this morning that Zulily is having a Mizuno sale.  Both women’s and men’s shoes and clothes are on sale.  I am a Zulily affiliate and get a listing of sales and this one caught my eye.  A pair of Wave Rider 17 for $69.99, yes please!  The money I save on shoes I can put towards another race.
Mizuno Women’s Footwear & Apparel – up to 50% off at zulily


I hope this helps a couple of you.  Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 8th Jul 14

    I am the absolute worst! They have my shoe on sale for 69.99 and that’s such an awesome deal! But I don’t love the colors! GAHHHHHHH! That’s a really bad reason not to take advantage of that kind of saving, isn’t it?

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