When Life Reminds You To Be More Mindful

Thank you to prAna for sponsoring today’s post.  All opinions are always my own. 

Life is precious, fleeting, and something to feel grateful for.  With everything going on recently I have made a conscious effort to be more mindful in all aspects of my life.  I have always unplugged for family time, but now I make sure that after school, dinner time, and bedtime is distraction free.  I have always loved writing and have started working on some projects again because it fills me up inside.  I have missed yoga and was using “not enough time” as an excuse.  I have now told myself that even if it is only 20 minutes before bed that is ok and to do it because yoga is something that I value.

My family and I have always enjoyed taking walks together, but when life got busy that got pushed to the side a lot of the time.  It is now a priority because it is quality time for us to connect.  While awaiting my test results and surgery I have really been mindful of my emotions.  I talk about them, ask for help when needed, and not bottle it all up inside. 

Traveling, learning about different parts of the world, cultures and being more mindful of all the people on this planet is another big aspect of my life and I have made this a big piece of what I teach my daughter.  Being mindful in ALL aspects of life.  Awareness of my actions, feeling grateful for my what I have, and being mindful of the power we have. Let go of the bad energy and focus on surrounding yourself with positive energy.  

Small changes make big differences.  I feel fulfilled.  Mindfulness has always been a big part of who I am, but when life gets stressful I felt my focus drift away.  Touching base with your self is a good way to check your emotions, intentions, and what is actually important to you.  

Being mindful of the fact that our future generations depend on this planet, we need to make sure there is something left for them.  Recycling, sustainability, and environmentally friendly are important to me when it comes to products.  I am also mindful about what I am putting on my body with both skin care and clothing.  prAna use 100% organic cotton, hemp and fair trade certified materials. prAna’s reason to be and to continue on is based on environmental sustainability and their ability to motivate their community of customers and peer businesses.  If only all companies felt this way! 

Make conscious decisions to lead a more mindful life and the world becomes a better place. 

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