Medal a Day for Motivation- Day 7 Goofy Challenge 2012

The Goofy Challenge 2012 was my first Goofy Challenge.  It consists of running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon Saturday and the full marathon Sunday.  At mile 23 of the full marathon I kept saying to myself that it is cool I did it, but I will never do it ever again…needless to say I of course ran the Goofy Challenge the next year.  haha

I didn’t blog back when I ran the Goofy Challenge 2012, so there is no recap, sorry!  Here is my mini recap:

I had sprained my foot a week before the race.  It wasn’t super bad and I wasn’t very smart and still ran both races.  I couldn’t refuse.  My doctor told me that was a bad move and I agree it was not a good idea.  I don’t recommend doing that!!!  I could barely walk the whole next week, but it was worth it because I got this medal and no permanent foot damage 🙂

I went on to run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon a couple weeks later (there use to be a couple weeks between them the first year, not back to back).

photo 2

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