Make Gametime Snacking a Slam Dunk With These Ideas

Thank you to Foster Farms to sponsoring today’s post.  All opinions are always my own.  
It’s basketball tournament time!  I’ve always loved having friends over to watch the games and predict who’s going to make it all the way to the finals.  Having friends over for all the basketball tournament fun though means your snacks better be on point.  Here are two fan favorites that are always a hit.  Make game time snacking a slam dunk with Foster Farms!
Turkey sliders are the perfect size for easy gametime snacking.  Use Foster Farms Ground Turkey and form patties that are a little bigger than you want them to turn out, remember the diameter shrinks as they plump up a little during cooking.  Use different cheeses to create a selection for guests.  I love provolone, brie, swiss, and american cheese for a great selection.  My pro tip is to use hawaiian rolls as the buns.  They are the perfect size and add a nice sweet flavor to compliment the burger.  
Are you ready to have your mind blown?  This is seriously the easiest idea, but is always SUPER popular at parties.  Get Foster Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets in your grocers frozen section.  Cook the chicken nuggets as directed and then put them on skewers!  I put three on a skewer and they are always a hit with adults and kids alike.  Skewering the nuggets make snacking easy.  Serve with a dish of ketchup and you are ready for gametime! 
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  1. Cheryl | 14th Mar 18

    My favorite game day food is buffalo wings.

  2. Tim | 14th Mar 18

    I like any finger food.. It makes no sense to eat things that distract you from the game, so finger foods like Foster Farms makes are perfect.

  3. Mary kitchen | 15th Mar 18

    Love all pot luck food!! Yum!

  4. Sandra | 16th Mar 18

    Chips and salsa are a great game time food.

  5. Dana | 17th Mar 18

    I love wings, chili, and guacamole.

  6. Kelly D | 17th Mar 18

    Soft pretzels and cheese dip are my favorite.

  7. cyndi br | 17th Mar 18

    we like vegetables and spinach dip

  8. Jessica To | 17th Mar 18

    We like Buffalo chicken dip and Tostitos to snack on.

  9. Roberta Thompson | 17th Mar 18

    I like to make homemade popcorn chicken. You can toss them in sauce or serve with whatever dip choice you prefer. I buy Foster Farms at least 90% of the time. I’ve always been pleased with the quality.

  10. Carly S | 18th Mar 18

    I like different hummus flavors with tortilla chips and cut up vegetables.

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    Make Gametime Snacking a Slam Dunk With These Ideas – Half Crazy Mama

  12. jeepingeos | 18th Mar 18

    We love sliders and grinders.

  13. Elena | 19th Mar 18

    My favorite is pizza

  14. livesimply1111 | 19th Mar 18

    We love Chicken Wings, Burgers, and a Vegetables with lots of Ranch dressing.

  15. Darlene Carbajal | 19th Mar 18

    Doritos and sour cream!

  16. Helen | 22nd Mar 18

    My favorite game day food would have to be nachos.

  17. LauraJJ | 22nd Mar 18

    Oh we always love having taco dip for the chips! We love trying different dips!

  18. rochelle haynes | 24th Mar 18

    I am loving the Buffalo wings

  19. shelly peterson | 24th Mar 18

    I like Buffalo wings for game days.

  20. Linda C. | 24th Mar 18

    Nachos are my favorite game day food!

  21. Laurie Nykaza | 25th Mar 18

    We always do chicken wings with different sauces for game day.

  22. Carolsue | 25th Mar 18

    Buffalo chicken wings are the favorite game-day treat around here!

  23. Jeremy McLaughlin | 28th Mar 18

    Favorite is wings.

  24. Shakeia Rieux | 29th Mar 18

    My favorite is buffalo wings for game day.

  25. Kayla Klontz | 29th Mar 18

    Mozzarella Sticks all the way! Or popcorn chicken!

  26. Jennifer Marie | 29th Mar 18

    Pizza and chips are my favorite!

  27. Donna porter | 30th Mar 18

    My favorite game day food is hot wings and ranch dip.

  28. Trisha Musgrave | 30th Mar 18

    I love BBQ meatballs and weenies!!

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