New “Liv and Maddie” Episode co-written by Kali Rocha!

Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting the set of Disney Channel hit show “Liv and Maddie”.  I got to chat with Kali Rocha, who plays mom Karen Rooney.  She shared with me that she had co-written an episode and guess what, tonight is the episode!  “Liv and Maddie“, as many of you already know, is one of my favorite shows to watch with my daughter.  


Tune in tonight, March 26th, for the new episode of “Liv and Maddie” at 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT.  Kali Rocha is hilarious and I loved talking with her, so I can’t wait to see her “Liv and Maddie” writing debut.  The episode centers around a neighborly feud with the Dippledorfs and Liv rekindles an old friendship with Holden Dippledorf.  Meanwhile, Joey becomes fascinated with a new member he meets at his weekly Intergalactic Council meeting.  

Four days and eight new episodes of hit comedy series will be presented during the “Tune In 4 What?!” programming event, THURSDAY, MARCH 26 through SUNDAY, MARCH 29 on Disney Channel. The full “Tune In 4 What?!”:

Thursday, March 26:
8pm | Liv and Maddie
8:30pm | Dog With a Blog
Friday, March 27:
8pm | Jessie
8:30pm | Girl Meets World
Saturday, March 28:
8pm | Jessie
8:30pm | Austin & Ally
Sunday, March 29:
8pm | I Didn’t Do It
8:30pm | K.C. Undercover

Did you know that Liv and Maddie are both played by the same person?  I would think that alone would complicate directing an episode.  I can’t wait to watch!

Do you have a “Liv and Maddie” loving household?