Little Wharf 3-Miler Discount Code!

If you love the Wharf to Wharf race from Santa Cruz to Capitola, then you will love the Little Wharf 3-Miler and I have a race discount code!

Little Wharf 3 miler
Race info:
– Saturday, Sept. 29
– 3 miles (last three miles of the Wharf to Wharf course)
– Entry also guarantees you get access to the Wharf to Wharf “Loyalty Registration Window”, which basically means you can for sure register for the 2019 Wharf to Wharf, which is a pretty big incentive.
– Participants get a hat and canvas beach bag

Use code RR5 to get $5 off registration!

Visit their website to get all the details and yo register.

There’s a price increase Wednesday night 9/27, so don’t wait to register!