Little Monkey’s Last Big Show of the Dance Year and Packing Up For Yellowstone!

13418968_10207498563837026_2163641653705104388_nI am totally THAT mom!  I am so proud of my little monkey and everything she has accomplished this year.  She amazes me at 6 years old.  Last night was the last big show of the dance year.  She performed 4 times on a HUGE stage.  If I had to do that I would probably end up throwing up, but she loves it.  She did a ballet routine, jazz routine, her tap routine from competition season and then with my husband for the “dad’s dance”.  It is a tradition at our dance school for the dad’s dance at the “Big Show”.  My husband was not thrilled about having to dance, but ended up loving it because it brought our daughter so much happiness.  

13406720_10207498562837001_5190310647657090090_nToday we are backing up and tomorrow we head out on our road trip to Yellowstone!  Wish me luck on this one. My husband, mother, 6 year old and I are driving halfway across the country together.  I’ve never been to Yellowstone, so I am crazy excited…like Christmas morning excited! 

13428484_10207498562797000_7392738178218654239_nAny Yellowstone tips?