Little Monkey’s First Triathlon

IMG_7900Little Monkey officially completed her first triathlon at the age of 6.  She is a triathlete!  I am very proud of her and I don’t think she will ever let me live it down that she competed a triathlon before me.

FullSizeRenderThe Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon was very well organized.  I was very impressed.  I think it is one of the largest, if not THE largest kids tri in the country.  It had over 1200 athletes from age 15 down to 3.  The kids are organized into waves by age.

IMG_8040Little Monkey was in the 6 and under age group.  It took place at De Anza College.  For her age they swam one length of the pool, biked 1 mile, and ran 1/2 mile.

IMG_8039She loved it!  It was very cool to watch and help her in the transition area.  One thing I learned, the next time I think I will put lock laces on her shoes.  She was yelling at me to tie her shoes faster after the swim so she could hop on her bike. haha!

IMG_8038When I looked at her pictures I could just see how much fun she was having.  Her feet barely touched the ground!

IMG_8041She is excited to do another triathlon and have our eye on one in August.  Awesome job Little Monkey! IMG_8037She completed the course in 16 minutes and change.  So awesome!  Now it might be time for me to entertain the idea of doing a triathlon?