Little Monkey’s 6th Birthday Party At Bass Pro Shop

Yep…you read that correctly. We had Little Monkey’s 6th birthday party at Bass Pro Shop this weekend.  I had previously not known they had a restaurant and bowling attached to the store.  Someone told us about it and it looked super fun, so that is what we did.  The kids LOVED it!

FullSizeRenderWe bowled for an hour, which went way better than I expected.  The kids had a great time!IMG_4952After bowling we had pizza and I brought in cupcakes that I made.10352891_996161417146839_8734261728746710492_n
Lily’s actual 6th birthday is this coming Friday.  Not to sound too cliche, but seriously, WHERE DID THE TIME GO?  She just lost her first tooth last week and I super sentimental because I remember when she got that little tooth.  IMG_4969I hope she will always want to cuddle with me even as she gets older!


  1. Pauline PT | 23rd Mar 16

    That place looks so cool! I will have to check that out as I’m sure my daughter would love it. Mthanks for sharing and glad she had a good time at her party!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 23rd Mar 16

      It was so fun! Best bowling experience ever 🙂

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