Mohawk Carpet SmartStrand Demo at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival- #LicenseToSpill

I had the pleasure of being invited to check out the Mohawk Flooring “License to Spill” booth at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival.  They were doing a demo of their SmartStrand stain resistant carpet, along with carpet care tips.


At the booth they had a stage covered with the Mohawk SmartStrand carpet.  They than covered it with chocolate sauce, ketchup, fruit and my daughter got to help by squirting blue Powerade all over with a squirt gun.  She was even given candy afterwards for helping to make  mess.  She is 3 which means she is an expert at spilling.


Mohawk SmartStrand carpet comes in all sorts of colors and even patterns.  It also comes in SmartStrand Silk which is the softest carpet I have ever felt.  SmartStrand has permanent stain resistance.  This won’t wear off like other carpet that just has the stain resistant treatment applied topically.

photo photo

Chef Ryan Scott was there serving up his delicious messy Sloppy Joes.  What better food to eat at a stain resistant carpet demo right?


Some of you might recognize Ryan Scott from being on Top Chef or as the host of the show Food Rush on the Live Well Network.  I had to get a selfie with Chef Ryan Scott!



Chef Ryan Scott’s sloppy joes were soooo yummy and a perfect little size.


Samantha Harris, from Dancing With The Stars, and Chip Wade, from HGTV were on hand helping with the demo.


I was completely amazed when I watched them do a quick strip of cleaning and the carpet was good as new!  Seriously!  Just like that, it was clean.

photo photo

I couldn’t believe it!!  Between my 3 year old, husband and our dog I am always faced with spills.  I was given a sample of the carpet which inspired me to put it to the test.

photo 1Raspberries is one of my daughter’s favorite foods which as a result tends to end up smooshed in my carpet.

photo 2
All I did was rinse the carpet under the water in my kitchen sink.

photo 3

It just rinsed right out!  It was like a magic trick!photo 4

Mohawk SmartStrand carpet really is that easy to clean, no carpet cleaners needed.  No chemicals, just a dishrag, water and some mild soap.  Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is rated #1 in consumer satisfaction and I can totally see why.

Check out Mohawk Flooring on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.

Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer and you can purchase their awesome carpet through their retail partners.

Want to enter for a chance to win a 6′ x 9′ SmartStrand Silk bound carpet run of your own?!?!?  Visit the License To Spill website here to enter.

Do you have huge mess makers in your household?