The Lesson I Learned While Moving…

During our move these last couple weeks  I learned a lesson.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when it happened.  Here is what I learned:

If you are old school, like me, and own a 3 hole punch EMPTY IT before you move.  I was moving the very last box into the house.  I tripped over the last step on my porch and the box went flying.  The only thing that fell out though was the 3 hole punch…and all the little paper dots.  They went EVERYWHERE!  All over the porch and then a not so convenient gust of wind came by and blew them all over my garden.  I swept up the stairs and I am hoping for a big rain storm to help the others.  And that my friends is why you should empty your 3 hole punch before you move.  Lesson learned.  


  1. Sophia | 1st Jun 15

    I’ve learned that no matter how small or organized a move is, there is always something to happen and you case just confirms it! Gosh, that’s the least thing that you’d think of to ruin your moving!

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