Last Soccer Game For My Timid Little Monkey

On Sunday was my daughter’s last soccer game of the spring season.  I wrote a post in the beginning of the season about how timid she was on the soccer field.  She always loved going to soccer, but would “wait her turn” to kick the ball.  She says she wants to play soccer again in the fall.  We are still waiting for her to find that fire in her belly, but I love that she continues to want to play soccer even though she isn’t the one scoring the goals.

I feel like since she is an only child she wants to do anything and everything that involves other kids.  Every birthday party, dance class, playdate, school day, soccer practice, and any event we are invited to with other kids is a big huge YES she wants to attend.  Here is my question, is this really an “only child” thing or is this just my daughter and her love of playing and trying new things?


No soccer season is complete without a snow cone right?  A big thank you to the coach and her family for continually encouraging Lily.