Last Minute Mother’s Day Present Ideas

Ok, we all know people procrastinate a little (especially men).  Are you in a pinch since you only have a couple days until Mother’s Day?  Don’t worry, I have you covered.  These are easy to get and will definitely please the mom in your life.

GIFT CARDS:  Lululemon, Sephora,  a spa, the sunglasses store (what woman doesn’t want new sunglasses?) whatever her favorite store is that she wouldn’t normally go spend extra money at.  i.e. NOT THE GROCERY STORE.  Don’t forget to give an actual card with it though so it seems thoughtful, not last minute.

A DATE NIGHT: Get a baby sitter for the evening, tell her it’s a surprise but to dress nice, most importantly WATCH THE KIDS AND HAVE THEM LEAVE HER ALONE, so she can get dressed and ready with some quiet time.  Take her to her favorite restaurant where you wouldn’t go with kids.  Don’t forget to make reservations ahead of time!

For an active mom:  Jog your memory (no pun intended).  I’m sure she has said she wanted something in the last couple months like a new yoga mat or yoga towel, a new Garmin, new compression socks, shoes.  If not, here is an idea.  If she loves to run, take her running shoes to a running store and look into getting the newer model or different color.  Everyone likes more than one pair of running shoes, but don’t buy her a random brand, stick with the same thing.

For a mom who loves to cook: Does she want new cookie sheets, a pink KitchenAid mixer, a Vitamix, belgian waffle maker, juicer?  If none of these sound right to you than go to the fun kitchen store and buy new utensils and fun cooking accessories and pair it with a fun cookbook.  I promise the people that work there can recommend some fun new products and will probably even wrap it for you!

For the girly girl: If you know her taste well enough jewlery is always sure to please.  If you don’t know her taste very well than a locket that she can put your children’s pictures in would be nice for any mom.  You would score extra points for putting the pics in yourself.  Most photo places can help you shrink down the size of a picture to fit into a locket so you don’t have to try to find a picture with tiny heads.  FYI, if you have a Tiffany’s near you everyone woman loves the little blue box.  They don’t just sell diamonds there.  They have sterling silver necklaces and bracelets that are very nice and won’t break the bank.  Remember when shopping for jewelry though you want tasteful, not cheesy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

What was your favorite present you gave or received for Mother’s Day?


  1. Meg | 11th May 13

    Great ideas! I love the one about gift cards. It should be something she wouldn’t normally spend on herself.

  2. Karen | 12th May 13

    I gave my mom the gift of running! I signed her up to run Mickey’s Jingle Jungle with me in November. Her first race 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 12th May 13

      That is a GREAT gift! Have fun 🙂

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