I joined the #LJFitChallenge!

I joined the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge!  The #LJFitChallenge is 12 weeks of workouts, nutrition, and wellness from February-May 2015.  I know I need to get back to daily fitness and paying more attention to what I am eating after slacking off in December. Come join me and we can help keep each other accountable!

I want to share this journey with some of my favorite ladies.  For more info and how to join here is the link.  All the workouts are under 30 minutes.  As a busy mom I feel that committing to workouts which are under 30 minutes is totally doable. 


The Lorna Jane Fit Challenge is great for all ages and fitness levels.  The workouts can be done anywhere at any time and they don’t require any equipment, all you need is your Active Living Planner to track your progress and your phone so you have the Lorna Jane App and timer.

The 12 weeks have been broken into 3 phases (28 days each) where intensity is slowly increased as you find yourself feeling stronger, more confident, and fit.  Every 7 days there are 5 structured training circuit days and 2 Active Living days.  The Active Living days are for a hike, a walk with your girlfriends, or just getting outdoors and enjoying being active.

Each daily circuit is structured so that every day is working upper body, lower body, core, stability, flexibility and cardio – an all over body workout!

Loving the “Nourish” cookbook!

Here is what you get when you join the 12 week challenge:

  • The Lorna Jane Fit Challenge Move Guide: a 12-week Move challenge that will leave you feeling fit and fabulous!
  •  NOURISH: The Fit Woman’s Cookbook (US)
  • A Lorna Jane Active Living Planner: so you can document your progress along the way.
  • An Inspiration Tank: to keep you inspired and motivated through those tough workouts. 

Here is the website with more info and how to join.

There is also an awesome Facebook group. I always like when a challenge offers a Facebook group, so I can communicate with others going through the same experience.  Here is the link to the LJ Fit Challenge Facebook group.  Come check it out and share your journey.  

Who wants to get back to your goals before summer gets here?  I do!