Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant

I have seen super cool looking nail wraps on people and loved them. I just figured they were hard to put on because let’s be honest, I really can’t even paint my own nails.  My sister always uses wraps and foils and they look amazing.  I had never tried them until I bought some during a friends Jamberry party on Facebook.  As soon as I tried them I was hooked.  They were way easier then I thought and look super cute.  I decided to become a Jamberry Nails independent consultant to help feed my addiction and spread the Jamberry love.  

stripes and solids

Did you know that one sheet of Jamberry Nails is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures?

Anatomy- compliant



Here are the nails I currently have on.  I used Vintage Chic (the flowered wraps) with Black and White Houndstooth as the accent nail.  They are so fun to mix and match.


Do you want to know what I love?  If you buy 3 Jamberry Nail wrap sheets you get one free.


Ask me about how I can host a virtual party for you on Facebook. 



There are so many different Jams to choose from.  Here is just a sampling:

HO Approved PersoNAILity

Have you tried Jamberry Nails?  Any questions just let me know. Here is a link to browse through all the different wraps on the website.