Is the “mom nap” really a thing?

MjAxMy1lMjdhNDZjNTQxMjkxMTVkOk, I was talking to this woman who naps everyday and acted surprised that I don’t.  Is this “mom nap” thing really a THING?  She said she got in the routine when her kids were little and she would nap when they would. I vaguely remember when my daughter was born multiple people telling me that I should nap when the baby naps, but in reality that is the time I used to do dishes, laundry…and sometimes even bathe.  

Now this woman’s kids are school age and she naps before she picks them up from the school.  It sounds glorious, but that it my prime time of running errands, cleaning the house, getting work done, running, school work, and again…sometimes even bathing! 

1345747190968_3091600I can understand the whole nap thing can probably give you more energy to stay up later at night or something, but I always feel groggy if I take a nap, so probably would be more of a detriment than a positive for me.  Thoughts…do you take a mom nap?  Do you know people who do?  I am very curious about this.


  1. Sherry Osborne | 12th Aug 16

    I only took “mom naps” if it was an accident (i.e. I was super exhausted and basically passed out while putting them down to sleep) or if I was sick. I do not nap well at all, waking up groggy, stupid, and often more tired after the fact, so to this day I still try to avoid napping if I can.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 12th Aug 16

      Me too! Glad I’m not alone. 😉

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