I Was Invited to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

I got a fantastic surprise in my inbox today. (For some reason I just giggled when I typed that)  I got invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration!  Some of you I’m sure know what this is and others probably not.  I have wanted this email for the last 3-4 years.  


The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is an invite only event at Walt Disney World.  No one knows the rhyme or reason of how to get invited, but if you are a Disney blogger (or even just a blogger) you probably dream of being invited.  It is a conference for the attendee and also events for the attendee and their family around Disney World.  

This year it is being held Thursday- Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend.  Yep, the same weekend of Tinker Bell Half Marathon out at Disneyland.  So now it is a bittersweet pill to swallow.  I think I will skip the 5k and 10k and hopefully fly from Orlando to Disneyland Saturday night to run Tink Half the next morning?  I need to work on logistics.  I feel so lucky to be invited that it is hard to make this decision.  Do I skip Tink all together?  Do I try to make both work?  Do I skip DisneySMMoms?  What would you do?


  1. kristy | 21st Mar 15

    It sounds like getting into SMMC is difficult. Whereas it isn’t thst hard to get into the race. I know it is the inaugural year, though, so I would do either all of the challenge or none, being as you can run (and may already have) the Tinkerbell Half any year. That is a very tough decision. Have you looked at the topics, events, breakout sessions yet? Are they things you would realize utilize and enjoy? That is such a shame that they scheduled both the same weekend. But, my gut says go with the conference. …you run A LOT and have done all kinds of races. …skipping this one isn’t thst big of a deal. Just make sure to catch the challenge on an anniversary year for a cool medal:) I hope this helps. Good luck!!

  2. Diane | 24th Mar 15

    It sounds super cool to be invited to the event at Disney World. Agree it seems weird it would be the same weekend as the Tinkerbell half. I would go to the DSMM event and either try to get back in time for the half or skip the half this year.

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