Inspiration is all around me.  I find inspiration from the many amazing people I meet at a race.  My family is a huge source of inspiration.  Friends and friends of friends are constantly inspiring me.  I don’t have to look to far to find something that inspires me to want to be a better friend, mother, wife, runner, dancer, crafter, chef, driver, golf player, but most of all human being.

In 2012 I had ran every RunDisney race except for some reason I didn’t register for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, which is their last race of the year.  (We live primarily in California, so doing all the races at WDW takes a little more planning) My husband, who is not a runner at all, looked at me and said “Why wouldn’t you run ALL the Disney races?  That’s like running only 12 miles of a half marathon.”  I was amazed that my husband even remembered the distance of a half marathon!  That is inspiration, that my husband is willing to travel with me and our 2 year old across the country for one more Disney race in 2012.

My daughter likes to put on her “running shoes” and tell me to say ready set go and she runs down the hallway and back and than I give her a “menal” (what my 2 year old calls a medal).  The fact that my 2 year old finds joy in running is inspiration for me to keep running.

Every time my 2 year old over hears me talk about a new race I’m running she tells me exactly what I should wear as a costume.  For the Disneyland Half Marathon she told me to dress at Rapunzel in May, the race wasn’t until September.  She stuck by her decision the whole time.  Never changing who I should dress up as.  It is just as fun for her to see mommy dress up as what she wants as it is for me to do it.  Thats inspiration.

Friends and family telling me that I have inspired them to enjoy life and try new things like a yoga class or even running a 5k.  This is some of the best inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing.

I have changed my life for the better.  I no longer take my body for granted and I sometimes surprise myself with what I can do.  That is some good inspiration.  It isn’t being self centered or conceded to be proud of yourself and inspire others.


  1. Sarah | 28th Dec 12

    Love this post! Running a Disney race and having a child seems like the perfect combo for a mom!

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