INKnBURN Product Review

Ode to INKnBURN:

Oh how I love running in INKnBURN.
It didn’t take me long to learn.
INKnBURN’s clothes are very inspiring,
For when you are perspiring.
INKnBURN’s clothes are super cutes,
You should totally check out my glutes!
I recommend you give INKnBURN a try,
You will surely maximize your runner’s high.

How do you like my poem?!?!?! hehe

Ok, so most of you know that I love INKnBURN for a multitude of reasons.  Their running skirts have a perfect cut.  Their designs are way fun.  They offer a full line of shorts, shirts, tanks, skirts, pants and everything else you could want.

I was trying to pick which piece is my favorite, but that is like trying to pick a favorite race.  I love a lot of them, all for different reasons.  They have everything from cherry blossoms to rock n roll to Minnie Mouse dot print.  photo 1
For running I like tanks without built in sports bras because I like to wear my own favorite type of sports bra. I than had a hard time finding fun running tank tops that weren’t just one color. INKnBURN solved this problem!!! They offer both tanks with no built in support and they have camisoles with built in support.

I also love INKnBURN’s pants and skirts. The skirts have a great cut. They aren’t to long and they have the perfect slight fitted a-line cut to them. I also LOVE the fun fabrics they use to make the built-in shorts underneath.

photo 2

Their pants have a great cut and never chafe.

I always get tons of compliments on my INKnBURN, but I think the one piece I get the most people asking me about is the “Performance Denim”. INKnBURN offers the denim looking tech fabric in pants, shorts and skirts. Soooo cute.


I am an INKnBURN ambassador so I am happy to share with you a 15% off discount code.  You can use this code one time and all you do is set up an account on INKnBURN and than apply code.  Are you ready? The code is: emeliatoldme

I’ll leave you with some of my fav INKnBURN moments 🙂

RunDisney D23 Event
This photo was from the recent runDisney D2.3 Fun Run to kick off The D23 Expo.

photo 5

I love INKnBURN for another reason. They offer girl size products too. Here is my daughter and I in our matching INKnBURN skirts.

Visit the INKnBURN website here and remember the 15% off code is emeliatoldme

Do you have a favorite INKnBURN product?

I am an INKnBURN ambassador, but all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.


  1. JILL @MRScrashmattb | 13th Aug 13

    Super cute! I’m going to get Abigail, age 4, the Minnie skirt for us to match during WDW Marathon weekend. She’ll be running the kids races Thursday afternoon, after the 5K portion of Dopey. If you’re family is coming you should register your daughter for the same day.

    Love the poem too!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 13th Aug 13

      I think I registered Lily for Thursday kids race too. I’ll double check. That would be fun to meet up. Lily would love to have a friend there. 🙂

  2. Karen @karenlovestorun | 14th Aug 13

    I haven’t tried any Ink Burn products yet but I love the Minnie skirt! I’m thinking about doing a Minnie costume for Wine and Dine and this would be perfect 😉 I love that they make children’s clothes also! Cute!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  3. EB @ Running on E | 14th Aug 13

    Their clothes are so fun! Love it!

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