New from INKnBURN Women’s Denim Shorty Shorts Review

INKnBURN has a new short that I’m very excited about.  The only thing that was missing from their line was the “spandex” comparable short and now they make them!  The new Denim Shorty Shorts are way cuter and more comfortable than regular spandex type shorts. (They aren’t actually denim)

photo 2

Bikram yoga, running, stretching, weights, you name it and these Denim Shorty Shorts are great for it.  The waist band on them is extra wide and made to fold over.


They are made out of the same fabric as the INKnBURN pants.

photo 1

I love the super cute denim style.

If you are a first time INKnBURN buyer than you can use code emeliatoldme for 15% off your first purchase.  For the code to work you will need to set up an account on

I am an INKnBURN ambassador, but was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.