INKnBURN Tech Tube Review

I never knew how much I would love and appreciate the INKnBURN tech tube until I was the owner of one. They have so many uses and I’m so glad I bought one…quickly followed by purchasing more of them.

Tech Tube

They are long tubes made out of tech fabric.  I have worn them in races to keep my ears warm in 20 degree weather in NYC.


I have worn them to help collect the massive amount of sweat off my forehead.  I wore the Flutter design for the Big Sur 9 Miler.


I know a lot of people that wear them around their neck while running and even skiing. You can also wear them around your wrist to wipe sweat.

tech tube wrist

You can twist one end and make a skull cap to run in when it is cold.  Then if you get hot you can take it off and wrap it around your wrist.

tech tube hat

I love the versatility of the tech tube which is why it is now a staple of my running wardrobe.  They come is lots of fun INKnBURN patterns.  The one below is “Denim Bandana“.  Here is a link to all the INKnBURN tech tubes.

tech tune bandana

I’m an INKnBURN ambassador and I have a special code for 15% off to first time purchasers.  All you have to do is create an account on and use code emeliatoldme.

Do you own an INKnBURN tech tube?


  1. Yesneia | 30th Apr 14

    This is exactly what I’m looking for for my marathon outfit!

  2. beautea97 | 1st May 14

    I love these to wear while jeepin’ too!! Hadn’t thought about using them for a run, d’oh! Headed over there right now!

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