I’m a Bulu Box Brand Ambassador!

With being a mom and running as much as I do I am very careful about making sure I am getting proper nutrition.  Vitamins and supplements are nice to add in for training especially if I have big races coming up, but also just for daily life.  I always seem to have the problem though of looking at a whole wall of expensive vitamins and supplements and not knowing which ones to get or what I like.  I hate when I buy an expensive big package of something and I don’t like the after taste or how it makes my stomach feel.

This is why Bulu Box is so great!  They are a monthly subscription company, which I love!  It is like sending yourself a present every month!  There are currently 2 types of boxes, one of vitamin and supplement samples and now a new one with weight loss product samples. It is only $10 a month and you get try several different products without having to dish out large amounts of money just to find out if you like it.  On the website you can also shop for large full size packages if you decide you like it!  Win win situation.

Use the code: BULUGAN728

This code will get you $10 off, which is a a free month!


I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Do you have any vitamins or supplements that you swear by?


  1. Stephanie | 14th Mar 13

    We’re SO excited for you to be an Ambassador!! WOOHOO FOR BULU!

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