I Won a Week of Food From Diet-To-Go!

I was lucky enough to win a weeks worth of food, 5 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner, from Diet-To-Go.  Diet-To-Go is a company where you can get your food delivered straight to your house that is already prepared and calorie counted.  They take the brain work out of dieting (and the cooking!)

Here is their website: www.diettogo.com


I was asked ahead of time if I was allergic to anything or if there was anything I disliked.  I told the gentleman that I was allergic to avocado, but other than that I was good and up for anything.  We discussed when I would like to have the delivery and he told me that where I live they usually ship on a Monday and I will have it by Wednesday.  I picked the week and I was all set.  I received a shipping confirmation and was excited to receive the food.

On Wednesday morning I received the package!  It was one big cooler box and one smaller cardboard box.  I was a little concerned about how cold the food would be once it got to me, but when I opened the cooler up it was all still very cold and in most cases a little frozen.

photo 1

In the cardboard box was the food that didn’t need to stay cold and the cooler obviously had the perishable food in it.

photo 3 photo 2

In the box was a piece of paper that had the menu of what everything was and it also said “allergic to avocado” which made me VERY happy that they paid attention to that otherwise I could be in a world of pain.

photo 4

Some of my favorites were the blue crab ravioli soup, the vegetable ravioli, and the salmon burger.

This is a picture of the blue crab ravioli soup.

photo 1

I only modified a couple of the meals, for example I ate the salmon burger without the bread it came with.  The bread was a little dried out, but I am also very picky about my bread.  Here is the salmon burger.

photo 5

The vegetable ravioli had such delicious flavor and wasn’t lacking in anything.

photo 4

All the packages were also nicely labeled.

photo 3

Since my husband travels so much for business I loved having these meals ready for me.  Normally I would cook for my picky almost 3 year old and than something else for me, or I end up snacking because I don’t feel like cooking 2 separate meals.  Having these meals enabled me to eat a healthy meal that I didn’t even have to think about and could feed my daughter whatever she wanted for dinner.

My only complaint would be the sweet stuff, but it is calorie counted food, so I can’t complain to much.  I love sweets and the meals came with things like chocolate mouse and apricot pudding.  They were ok, but the consistency of them was a little different than a normal pudding or mouse, but again, they are part of a “diet” so I can’t complain to much 🙂

All said and done I actually DID lose 2.5 lbs that week which I hadn’t even really thought about since I eat pretty healthy and workout pretty regularly.  That was an added bonus because I was just happy to have food already planned out for me!

The prices on Diet-To-Go’s website are very reasonable in my opinion, especially compared to other companies that due the same thing and seem to be pricier.