Hyundai Santa Fe: Epic Playdate!!!

Playdates with other kids are always fun, but playdates with just my daughter and myself are memory making. If you could do anything for a playdate with your kids, what would you do? Since my daughter loves to dress up like a princess we would primp and prepare by putting on our lip gloss and our tiaras and leave the house wearing our finest princess costumes to go get the biggest gooiest most deliciousness ice cream sundae we could get our hands on. After that we would go to the park and build a huge sandcastle where we would declare ourselves princesses of the kingdom. We would have a tea party to celebrate and than swing so high on the swings we would almost touch the sky! Next would of course be bubbles. Big bubbles, little bubbles, colored bubbles, all sort of bubbles. We would chase them, catch them, and pop them. After that we would have a pizza picnic with ice cold lemonade. We would end our playdate laying on the soft grass finding shapes in the clouds like giraffes, duckys, cars, and happy faces.


Well if you are due for an epic playdate with your kids here is your chance to win one! Hyundai is hosting an Epic Playdate Weekend, on April 27 from 9am-5pm in Santa Barbara, CA! It sounds like a super epic playdate to me! Fellow parent bloggers Dooce, Mighty Girl, Oh Happy Day, Oh Joy, Say Yes To Hoboken, Girls Gone Child, BoingBoing, and How To Be A Dad are camping on the beach and hosting epic workshops for kids like ice cream sundae bar, paint fight, kids’ photography class, hula-hooping workshop, and more. Sounds like a family dream playdate come true!

You MUST have a Pinterest account and you can go to for complete details.
You also MUST choose Clever Girls Collective when the form asks “How did you hear about us?”
This is an invite-only event, which means it is pretty exclusive. It would be so amazing if one of you guys won! Sounds like sooo much fun and such a great family time opportunity!
You can enter to win a trip for four to Hyundai’s Epic Playdate Weekend in Santa Barbara, CA here:

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Hula hooping, paint fights, and ice cream on the beach?!?!?! What more could you ask for! It certainly sounds EPIC!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.